Monthly Archives: July 2013

Humbled by Patience

On our last trip, actually our first long family trip in the bus, my wife Joumana dealt with my stubborn persistence like an angel.  It was a hot July day on the final leg of our journey from Pittsburgh to Montreal, and back.  This stretch from Saugerties, NY home should have taken about 8 hours.  We’ve made the trip dozens of times, but never in a vintage car without air conditioning.  This time the trip took nearly 15 hours and she refrained from “I told you so’s” for its entirety.  We limped over Pennsylvania mountains at 30 MPH and stopped every 20-50 miles and she let me stubbornly tron on, eventually pulling in the driveway after 2:30 AM.

As much as it takes a different kind of person to deal with the eccentricities of a vintage car, it takes a very understanding support team to not declare mutiny and have said vehicle towed-off in the night.  The reasons the owner/driver has for wanting an old bus will inevitably differ from those of the supportive spouse and that can be hard to recall in those moments of stress.  With each trip I learn more tidbits about the bus, understanding how it works, and knowing how to react to and anticipate problems.  It’s not unlike my marriage.  Hopefully both keep running pretty well for many years to come.


Lest We Forget

Welcome to my new blog where I hope to record my thoughts on our escapades in this vintage bus.  After the mini-adventures that we’ve had to date and shared with friends, it seemed like a good idea to start recording some of the highlights.  Not just fun, but troubles, methods to fix things, and who knows, maybe a few insights to share.