Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Lonely Ride

I recently made the journey from Pittsburgh to Connecticut, hauling 9 high school debate students to a tournament.  Due among other things to the number of travelers, I could not drive our Westy, but instead rented a Ford van.  It was a pleasant ride, but just not the same.  The van had power and comfort and the kids were great company, but it was a lonely drive.  It made me realize that I’m fueled by riding with everyone else on the highway when I pilot the VW bus.

Think about it.  For the most part, people ride the highway, enduring its boredom, eager to reach their destination.  When I’m driving the old bus, I’ve grown accustomed to attention and friendly smiles from other cars and bystanders.  I don’t know what they think as they change their path to maneuver around me, but the typical smiles coming from the passengers make me think the inconvenience is well worth the memory or fun thought seeing an old VW bus triggered.  Perhaps that’s why I’m happier driving the bus and dealing with the inconvenience of old technology, than I am in the comfort of a newer, more comfortable, though more mundane car.