Getting Back on the Bus

It’s easy to get in over your head and freeze out of indecision and pride.  Blogs that don’t updated certainly show signs of this.  Vehicles and projects that sit without progress are also victims of this.  Our green Westy is victim of my own distractions.

But 2017 holds promise for our green instant parade machine.  Joe Miller is a Pittsburgh classic VW specialist and is now giving it some much needed TLC so it can be a daily driver this spring through fall!  Many thanks to Brendan Lane for the lead 🙂

On the “short” list for Joe are:

  1. Getting the electronics of the starter and alternator straightened out
  2. Installing a new ignition switch (goodbye doorbell-push-button starting)
  3. Linkage bushing installs for smoother shifting
  4. Exhaust improvements
  5. Basic body work on lower sides to pass pick PA inspection

Once it has run a bit in spring I’ll be doing more work getting the denim covered interior panels done and making decisions on longer term body work.

The few times I drove it this year were a reminder of what riding it it does for my spirit.  It’s a great pick-me-up when it works.  My perspective on life is better in it and I underestimate over time how much I rely on that.  Riding the motorcycle helps, but they are different kinds of boosts.  Hopefully 2017 is smattered with plenty of both!


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