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Give Me Shelter

fawn under busI think it’s safe to assume that most people getting behind the wheel of a VW Bus have an eye for nature, after all, half of the people I run into refer to it as a “hippie van.”  Often, we’re pretty close to nature when we park the Westfalia to pop up the camper-top and enjoy time away from more civilized trappings.

Today, however, nature found my bus.  With it out of commission while waiting for my alternator to be rebuilt, it’s been in my driveway up on ramps.  As I pulled into the driveway in my car, I saw this little guy taking shade from the hot sun under my bus.  I zoomed in from ten feet or so behind my bus.  When I got right up to the bus, he took off into the woods.  I’m glad he has that sense because I’d hate to think that it was that tame.

fawn 48 hoursI think it’s the same fawn I saw just a few weeks back.  Then, it was easily the smallest guy I’d ever seen up close.  It couldn’t have been more than 48 hours old.  I say him coming through our back woods, still shorter than most of the undergrowth.  It took shelter under the roots of a fallen tree and I was able to get a picture.  I had not seen it since then, so part of me was happy the little guy was still around.

fawn MinnieWe have lots of deer around our house.  Last June we had a similar close encounter where our dog Minnie got curious with a week-old fawn.  As much as we hate the way they eat our shrubs, flowers, and even a few plastic plants, you can’t help but love the chance encounters with the fawns.

I don’t know if the green color of my bus made it seem more natural for it to take shelter under.  Part of me wants to think that it’s a providential sign and part of the good aura of such a vehicle.  Realistically, I drove up in a quiet car, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind that I looked around to happen into an experience worth writing about.